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When does liver scarring start to show? I'm hoping I'm only early stage PBC!

Hi, I'm 25 and after been sick and having elevated LFT I received a high AMA reading and was diagnosed with PBC, Dec 2012. I had an MRI scan which showed two benign tumours and scarring of the liver to my specialists surprise. I had a biopsy done last week so will get my results at the end of the month.

In regards to my question, as stated, my liver showed scarring but I didn't think that was something to show up in early stages or could it be possible that it is further developed than I hoped? I have had chronic fatigue syndrome and it got worse last year where they noticed the elevated LFT's, I get itchy mostly in the evening, dry eyes, pain in the liver region, I have gone from been pale to tanned and a few other things - with all of this, is it still possible to be early stage?

Thanks in advance, I guess I'm just nervous with thousands of things going through my mind until I can see my specialist

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Hi Trista. I'm no great expert but I think if you respond well to Urso it will slow the rate of liver degenration right down, possibly even halt it. My story is similar to yours in that I had a long period of illness before I was diagnosed with PBC and too have scarring, probably because of that. But, my LFTs responded so well to the drugs that my docs didn't think there was too much to worry about for the future. All the best, try not to worry too much (I'm the worst so I know it's hard!)x


After a scan in 2008. my liver scan looked like a bag of gravel. I was sent to a cancer ward as I was suspected of having cancer of the liver. That's how pbc was discovered and no cancer. I now take urso and some others. There has been no change in the condition since then and everything is fine. I live a full and active life, having made just a few minor adjustment to my lifestyle. Don't read to much into all the medical stuff, listen to the doctor and you can do great. dont be a stranger if you think I can help.


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