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Anyone had a PLASMAPHERESIS- similar to dialisis. Used to cleanse the blood?

my Gastro has suggested this as my itch is taking over my sanity. it is so bad that i cant sleep. this procedure can cleanse the blood of bile salts that cause the itch. anyone had this before? I will also be meeting the transplant team at RPA sydney early next year.this is a small scary step but nothing is set to happen for a while I THINK!!

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I'm in the UK Snoozy and not sure if this procedure would be done on the NHS.

As I understand it though on reading about this ages ago, it is only really a temporary 'solution'.

I itch myself at night and go through odd periods where I don't which I find so odd as I then think and think what I did/ate to maybe figure it out but as yet I've to not got very far or I'd plaster it all over this website for everyone else to feel the benefit if I did. The itch is just awful and some nights when I can't sleep and itch, I wake up the following morning after very little sleep and feel tired later in the day.

Good luck.


yes it is only temperary but at the stage im at ill take anything to give me some sanity back in my life. Looks like ti will be in Jan as i cant be out of action now with xmas trade. i understand the waking up tired after a night of scratching like crazy...its so exhausting.

thanks for the reply


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