Sorry all my last post was not helpful I think I better not post for a bit...I think I am getting too worried. I want to say I am very thankful to every single person here for responding to my posts and all the or her brave souls who keep this site going . Its so valuable for all of us . I wish everyone the very best for improved health and life quality. Ann X

P.s. any news from Catfishjumpin anyone?

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  • Hey!, no need to stop posting, when you post on here you get rid of you frustration and that's a good thing. Also post does get read that's how we know how things are.

  • Hi Brummi

    Thanks for the encouragement I just don't think I should complain when my main problem is more in my head (apart from some symptoms i got used to living with that are now explained by pbc). I feel it's a little unreal still... Despite having a biopsy, still I find its just crazy news. Now I find I am just too aware of how my body is behaving. Even less sleep than before i knew. It's like I suddenly have developed PBC when I know it's a fact I have had it for years. I looked at your page and see you suggest online study course with OU on the liver. It's a good idea. I see my doc tomorrow for the second time since the announcement of my condition. Currently it's AMA negative PBC at the early stage with a scan on the way in 6 months time which could i know change that reading. So tomorrow i am bringing in the PBC foundation leaflets as I was not offered anything like that on my previous visit.

    As you do remind me this is the place to talk. The only place I know people where are at least familiar with related experiences.

    Thanks again i know there are so many good people here who find this forum useful in many ways. I'll get the hang of things yet ☺ Ann

  • PBC is hard to get your head around. Just read or post when you wanting and that's ok. We will be here. We understand what you are going through. Hugs

  • i echo Brumi's post, post away!! and what is in your head is really important !!!!! the pesky PBC is a problem, how you react to it is the important thing, it takes a bit of getting your head round it! we have all been there. we all deal with it in different ways, but deal with it we all do.

    look forward to hearing from you as soon as you feel like posting! Stay strong.

  • don't not write its important to speak to people who are in the same boat.

    finding out in itself is a trial.

    everyone reacts differently i was relieved as i had 4 young children and thought ihad liver cancer... so they could have told me that I had lesser spottedpurple and green stripe disease and i wouldn't have cared as long as i was going to see my kids grow up.

    so you should say how you feel let it out people will understand. best wishes cazer.

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