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Hi everyone! I have been asked to participate in a research project to study a potential new drug for the treatment of PBC. The new drug is MBX-8025. I reside in Alberta (Canada) and the research is being done in Calgary, I was just wondering if anyone here has participated in the first phase of the research as this is the second phase. I've read the 10 page study information but it's all a bit overwhelming.

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  • I have been in one in Edmonton, inverting to get into the new one. Do you know what drugs are in this one?

  • Hello SLWB.

    I haven't read about this but the poster states she (or he) is in Canada and sometimes these trials then come to the UK.

    I have found this info if you are interested as I am sure others on here might be.

    I think it is intending to be used if urso is not helping perhaps. The article is a bit technical but I shall do a bit more digging and see what is on the NHS clinical trials website later on.

  • Hi peridot, that is the same link that is on the study information sheet.

  • Hi SLWB, that's all it says on the study sheet ......: MBX-8025 is a peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor delta (PPARδ) agonist, which showed in animal and human studies might to be useful treating the signs and symptoms of lipid metabolism and homozygous familial hypercholesterolemia. As PBC is closely linked to the lipid metabolism and there was also a reduction in Alkaline Phosphatase (AP) shown in these studies, it is believed, that PBC patients could have a potential benefit from this new drug.

  • Hello LeanCat.

    From what I think I can understand here, this new medication that might eventually get passed for marketing for the use in PBC would deal with digestion better and perhaps better than the urso currently may do for some.

    I think if that is what this drug might be intended if I have read correctly then our liver would maybe have certain processes less to do and that might be why it could perhaps reduce the ALP levels.

  • Thanks peridot for looking into this...It all make sense to me now why my liver specialist wants me to participate in the research. I will give the research centre a call this afternoon to let them know that I will enrol. If you can think of any questions I could ask when I'll meet them for my assessment please let me know.

    Thanks again! :)

  • Hello again LeanCat.

    At the moment I cannot th ink of any questions you could ask regarding this study.

    It seems (though I might be wrong) that it is at present one that is being started off in your country and at some point might also be here in the UK.

    This is the UK website and noticed this is on here.

  • how did you remember all that? LOL

  • I didn't!...I copied and pasted! Hahaha!

  • That sounds promising.

    I'm thinking as well it's possibly for people who don't respond to urso or perhaps people with little access to it? Not sure either way hope all goes well.

    I'll be sure to research the first phase too

    I also reside in Alberta so it's nice to hear of other people with the same disease :)

  • Sorry. Think that came out wrong saying it's nice to hear about people with same disease. I meant so close to home as it is very rare and nice to be able to relate with people who live so close :)

  • i live in Summerland BC and it is comforting to hear of people so close with PBC.. I seem to respond to Urso but the idea of an option is encouraging... tell me more... June

  • The purpose of this research study is to compare the effectiveness and safety of MBX-8025 on Primary Biliary Cirrhosis (PBC) when available treatment with UDCA has proved inadequate. This will be assessed by looking at how the drug affects Primary Biliary Cirrhosis (PBC). This will be done by accessing the effect of MBX-8025 on your body using blood tests and questionnaires. The name of the investigational drug that you may take in this study is MBX-8025. Investigational means that the drug has not been approved by Health Canada.

    The research participation is for 126 days/18 weeks, with 7 visits to the hospital undergoing full physicals...Blood drown, ECG... etc.

    I will keep you posted!

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