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Hi All

Yet again a newspaper (this Saturdays Times) is running a supplement promoting a vegan diet. There is a section on the dangers of a vegan diet and list a range of processed vegan foods rating their nutrients.

Not one mention of the b12 deficiency that will be caused by such a diet!

I’ve written to them, yet again, that a vegan diet is extremely dangerous to ones health unless one supplements b12.

I read the other day that b12 deficiency is not much of a danger to young people but is a serious danger to over 60’s because of reduced stomach acid. This overlooks the fact than a growing proportion of girls are becoming vegan for animal welfare reasons and I am certainly reading more and more blogs on this site of relatively young women becoming b12 deficient.

Some vegan foods do have b12 added but many/most do not - it seems to contradict the ‘healthy’ paradigm that they are trying to promote.

I have been a vegetarian verging on vegan for over 30 years and knew nothing about b12 deficiency until I became very ill and still suffering the effects after five years of 12 weekly injections. My doctor/nurses are so ignorant of the condition that I’ve stopped speaking to them about it!

I’ve written to the editor, yet again, to complain about the failure to inform the readers of the dangers of veganism without supplementation- something that even the vegan society insists on explaining!

I suffer alone without any real medical support apart from the marvellous and highly knowledgeable administrators and bloggers on this site.

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This has worried me too. More and more articles and letters about going vegan for animal welfare and now the worries about the emissions produced by farming cows. I have never seen any mention of vitamin B12 in either.

beginner1 in reply to beginner1

re 'farming cows'

perhaps if they taught them to drive the tractors they would earn their keep.

Thanks for that alfabeta . Yes the medical professions ignorance on the symptoms and consequences of B12 deficiency from whatever cause , if astonishing .

I was the same, but it was pernicious anaemia. I am now vegan and use a number of foods with B12 as well as my injections and b12 spray. Young vegans seem well informed about b12, and recommended some really nice stuff.


I too, am concerned that vegan diets are sometimes promoted without reminding people of the necessity for certain supplements including B12.

There is an open letter on the Vegan Society website which emphasises need to take in adequate levels of B12 if on vegan diet.

I am not medically trained.


Thank you for your response. Yes, it’s very worrying especially as veganism is a very popular choice for girls. But the general advice from most healthy eating organisations including government ones is to cut out red meat almost entirely and reduce meat generally from ones diet and consume more fresh vegetables. As a vegetarian, I am very pleased with this advice and, generally it is very good, but it must be accompanied by advice on essential vitamins and minerals that one must take if one reduces meat and dairy in ones diet.

This is just not happening!

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