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Gratitude and thanks for all the knowledge shared!!!


I just wanted to write a post to give thanks. I’ve only been on the group for a couple days and I’m just so amazed by all the folks who share their knowledge and experience. I came in here so scared and lost. I had no answers and no support from my doctors and specialist. I’ve had a year of hell not being able to go out because of how I’ll ive been. But in just a few days of being on the forum I’ve gained so much knowledge, support and strength knowing and feeling like there is a path I can follow back to health. I’ve been empower by every ones contributions and feel better able to tackle this. I just wanted to say THANK YOU!! To the people who created and maintain this site and to the many contributors. I can’t wait to get healthy and help others along the way. 🙏🙏🙏

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That’s a lovely posting Runnerlove ! Yes this is a great forum . You are now part of the family . You will always get help here . You are not on your own anymore . Welcome .

Thank you. And yes I feel part of an amazing community. I feel very lucky. I look forward to overcoming this and then helping others get better just like how I’m being helped now. It really does take a village!!

Agree wholeheartedly. It's been the same for me. Onwards and upwards :)

I am new too and can only echo what you said. Last week I tried another support group and was put down by one particular member when I asked or said any comment. I work as a health visitor so not totally clueless as that group made me feel. I need the knowledge and experiences of people in this forum, who suffer from PA and appear to have gained so much expertise along the way, thank you

It is amazing. The administrators knowledge is just fantastic. Like you I think we would still of been in a pit of despair.

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