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Best leg position to relax thigh muscle?

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I inject twice a day in my thigh and would like to find a leg position which lets the thigh muscle involved relax. This is the "vastus lateralis" muscle.

I have tried all sort of positions but every time I think I've found a postion which makes the muscle relaxed I find the muscle can be tensed. Any suggestions?

(Relaxing the muscle may not be necessary for everyone but I have my own reasons for wanting this but it's a long story!)

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You know more about things than I do so I might not be understanding your question...

As it is the muscle that moves the lower leg forward from the knee, I find I can relax it by sitting (on my bed usually) with my foot on the floor so my leg is bent at 90 degrees. Obviously it is always possible to tense it, by way of anticipated movement of the knee and lower leg but so long as the lower leg is supported and immobile, with mind over matter I can leave it relaxed.

Is this any help?

I use the rectus femoris, the muscle at the top of the thigh. That’s very easy to relax sitting on the edge of the bed with my knee at 90°.

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Yes agree with this if you inject into your thigh.

I prefer my stomach and arm but then I have magnesium injections too.

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fbirder Do you ever get pains or other problems when injecting into the rectus femoris muscle? I've been avoiding it because some sites say it can be painful.

"the main disadvantage is that injections in the Rectus femoris site may cause considerable discomfort".

"Many adult clients find the rectus femoris site uncomfortable." "Disadvantages of this site are that the sciatic nerve and numerous blood vessels run very close to it."

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fbirder in reply to Cetus

Sometimes I hit a small nerve. It’s not really painful, just a weird feeling. Sometimes it’s a little painful, but no more so that using the muscle at the side of the thigh.

And the rectus femoris is a darn sight easier to jab.

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