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My daughter has officially said she has felt “bubbly” today. She’s not going to win any literature prizes for that description but it’s better than “Dad, shut up”

Also she has sent a complaint email to retailer for not delivering her dress on time even though she paid for next day delivery. Normally that would have resulted in a melt down with my wife sorting it out.

Downside she now wants her teeth whitened to Match her new skin colour.

She has asked if she can carry on with the loading doses for another week which I’ve agreed to. As far as I know it cannot do any harm.

I am right thinking that?

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I’m so pleased to hear your news . What a relief for you and your wife . No problem in extending loading doses . You cannot overdose . Very best wishes to you all . 👍!

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Hi Dadvatar try to make sure your daughter gets to eat plenty of leafy green vegetables as these will help to process the Vitamin B12 and as wedgewood says she cannot "overdose" on B12.

Keep going for as long as she's improving! You're doing the best thing. I live in fear of either of my daughters showing symptoms ☹️

Ah that's awesome!!

The official NICE guidance states that for PA with neurological symptoms: "Pernicious anaemia and other macrocytic anaemias with neurological involvement

By intramuscular injection


For Adult

Initially 1 mg once daily on alternate days until no further improvement..."

So you cannot really go wrong there. If she if continuing to improve then keep on with loading doses. Personally; I continue to take 1mg every other day indefinitely now.

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