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Awareness about VitB12 deficency - a story line in The Archers maybe?

Yesterday's edition of The Archers on BBC Radio4 was shocking as a Grundy-in-law died of sepsis (I didn't catch exactly who, maybe Will's wife?). There has been a real campaign push to get the symptoms of sepsis recognised as treatment has to be fast and I am sure this episode on The Archers will go a long way towards raising more awareness. So how can we get VitB12 deficiency and all its symptoms and issues with doctors into The Archers too? Could be a good story line and The Archers was set up to deal with real issues! Anyone have the right contacts with the producers, script writers, or whoever makes these decisions? Just a thought!

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Hi annmarierodnes how about the vet comes and gives the sheep, cows, pigs etc. B12 injections while the farmer's wife is told, by the GP, "It's all in you head."


And all the dogs and cats !

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Brilliant :)


On second thoughts - it was not sepsis, but misdiagnosed B12 deficiency.


My daughters cat was diagnosed with B12 deficiency during investigations for gut problems. She has regular injections, but at one point the trainee vet said, 'if she doesn't like the jabs, we may change to tablets,' until I pointed out that they were looking at problems with her ileum, which was likely to mean she wasn't absorbing things properly, so tablets might not help. She looked amazed and said, 'oh yes, I hadn't thought of that'. She still has injections.


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