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Needles and self injection

Have decided to self inject advice on size of needle to draw up and for injection Have to wait until end February for neurologists appt after bloods, brain and spine MRIs, nerve conduction tests and falling over on balance tests very embarassing!My symptoms are bad pins and needles,'dead' fingers vertigo and migraine attacks and winter depression so bad my light box and antidepressants no longer helping.Already on 3 monthly injections but GPs say Bloods are OK so no extra shots.Have family history of B12 deficiency and 2 nieces also in same situation.Have nurse friend who is happy to show me how to do it just need to know what to order and from whereGreat site and feel I am already surrounded by friends!

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B12 from Germany


I prefer the Rotexmedia which I buy by the hundred.

Use 2 ml syringes and green needles to withdraw from the ampoule. Us rl blue needles to inject intramuscular and orange for subcutaneously.



Hello fbirder thanks for your advice off to see GP now about results of nerveconduction test am lucky got as far as neurologist but cannot put up with vertigo and pins/needles so decided to go self inject.should I tell GP see how he reacts today as I do not want another falling out will keep you informed many thanks


Hi fbirder,thanks again for advice on needles etc still wondering on whether intramuscular or subcutaneously as I have little fat just a roll of flesh across my midriff following an operation which my stepdaughter says is fine.She has injected warfarin following surgery and said that was the easiest for her. Is there any difference in the amount the body uses from the injection depending on the injection site?

Did say I would let you know result of GP meeting.He said all my symptoms are related to vasculitis because of my age but had to look up my notes to find out that I had seen the neurologist and had MRI brain and spine scans still waiting for the results.My bloods are fine including B12 so it is definitely not THAT!I have left a copy of the NICE guidelines regarding treatment of neurological symptoms but he said I must not take it literally! I did get a prescrition for Cinarizine for vertigo which I have and a prescription for 'phantom nerve pain' to ease the sensation in my legs Why are there so many GPs with little knowledge and the lack of listening to a patients list of symptoms.Wonder if I should ask for specific blood tests if there any that are not done normally.Glad to have a forum I can offload as I am beginning to doubt my ability to think straight


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