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New here

Hi everyone, I'm so glad I stumbled across this site! I'm 45 and have hypothyroidism t hats been stable for past 10yrs with. 75mcg levothyroxine. About 10 months ago I began to experience tinnitus and muffled hearing in one ear. I neglected to check it out as I was caring for my dying father along with raising my 2 boys. Four months ago I began having hypotension where I was extremely dizzy and passed out with mild concussion as hit my head. Next my left calf began pins needles, somewhat numb. Lost weight bc had no appetite whatsoever. The anxiety, blurred vision, heart palpitations, brain fog. Went to Dr once dizziness and fall happened bc thought perhaps ear infection. Drs set up ent, audiology appt, all fine. They refused to listen to my physical symptoms claiming it was all in my head bc I suffer from anxiety! I finally pushed and pushed so they ordered b12 test which came back at 200. Ran stress test, wore cardiac monitor for 3days and had echo done, all ok. Dr suggested I may have pa. She started me on 1000mcg pill b12 once daily, started last week. The pills make me so sick thru whole day, nausesa, diarrhea, gurgling upset belly. I almost want to stop but know the alternative would be devastating. Dr wants to start injections but have yet to get order, saw Dr 3 days ago. She wants to see if I have absorption issue. Just got MMA result of 130 which I think is in range thus making this not an absorption issue? That's pretty much the gist of my background with all of this. Any advice, confirmation, shared experiences would be great to have. Oh forgot to add that when I asked Dr why the hell b12 not included in routine labs, she stated it's because it's expensive!!!! I am infuriated at the lack of use as well as these symptoms being given other diagnoses. I got the run around for months (first went in bc no appetite but they dismissed me yet again stating I was in normal weight range) and had I not strongly advocated for myself, who knows what could've happened to me. I'm scared that some of my symptoms will be irreversible. Thanks for taking the time to read. And again, so fortunate to have found this site.

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Hi Gisella06

So sorry to hear your story & all that you have been through. I’m afraid I’m no expert but I hope your boys are ok & you start to feel better soon. Glad you’ve joined the site, there may be someone out there who can give you some sound advice.

Hang in there xx


Thanks so much. My boys are all good.I'm so incredibly happy to have found this site and each of you. Being in the beginning stage of all this is confusing, frustrating and scary. But much less being connected here. Thanks for reaching out!


MMA isn't a test that relates to B12 absorption. MMA is a waste product that builds up if your cells don't have enough B12 to recycle it into a useful buidling block.

You really need to get hold of the units and the reference range for the MMA test.

Would be helpful to know where you are based as treatment regimes vary from country to country - sounds like you are US based but not clear - certainly doesn't sound as if you are UK based.

Do you know if your hypothyroidism is auto-immune? - there is a high cross over between auto-immune hypothyroidism and auto-immune gastritis (which would result in B12 absorption problems and could also affect absorption of other vitamins and minerals)

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