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Strange head pain

I have an odd symptom which I'm wondering if anyone else has.

I wake up several times in the night with pain at the back of my head. You know the bony bit that sticks out at the base.

I have really weird sensations. It hurts but feels numb and tingly. Also like cold water is trickling down. This feeling can extend to my ears sometimes, but mainly at the back.

I haven't noticed anyone else mention this, so thought I'd ask.

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Yeah me too.. I feel pain in my back of my head wth neck pain also... Somties it get worse.. I do yoga for neck Pain..do u feel balance problem or dizziness also?


Yes I have some balance problems too. Bump in to things a lot and trip!

The pain seems to be at its worst when I'm in bed. Maybe I should try no pillow and see if that helps.

I will be going for various scans so that will rule out anything sinister.

Do you have B12 injections?


Yeah.. Diagnose 4 mnths ago since on injection and.. B12 +folic acid tablets.. Btw i m 22 years old girl from india..


I just read your first post. You have an awful lot of symptoms. I have quite a few but not all the ones you have.

It's interesting that you have dry mouth. I've never thought about it but the past few weeks, my mouth has been extremely dry.

I hope you're feeling a lot better soon. It must be horrible to feel like that at such a young age.

I'm female, 52 and in UK


Yeah it takes time.. Nowdays i dnt feel dry mouth.. Nd lots of symptoms fully cure.. Nd some improve.. But some symptms get worse.. Lik my balnce get worse.. I hope u feel fine in future..


Hi. I’m new to this site - googling anemia brought me here. While you need to get a blood test to rule out B12 and/or folic acid deficiency, you could also try a Remedial massage therapist for your neck pain. This should be gently applied and all stretches must be within your comfort ratio. I have a deficiency because I have so many food intolerances and therefore don’t absorb what I need, therefore I have to be vigilant about this myself. When a patient comes to me I often look at what may be lacking in their diet when they present muscle pain. Therefore you could try giving up fibre from grains as these upset the gut which then means your gut bacteria is upset and B12 not being produced and eating more organic foods especially raw whole milk, eggs and beetroot.


Hi Sassie65 I get the same. Just finished last week on my loading doses and have had a headache since. It feels like I have neck strain it's right at the base of my skull and in addition it reaches across the right side of my head. I also get the fogs and that wobbly feeling and every so often where I get the same symptoms of like a water bubble bursting with cold water going down the inside of my head always on the right side. I've also found that my scalp and my face on the right side are quite tender to touch. Anyone any suggestions whether this is that I need more B12? Is this Neurological? Not sure what to do next?


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