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Symptoms different from the usual

I'm one of the new B12 people -- after a virus in january I was bedridden for 4 months with what I thought was glandular fever/post-viral syndrome/CFS. Eventually, although my numbers weren't too bad -- low 200s -- GP ordered 3 weeks of B12 injections and I recovered completely. There's a long story here (no one told me that what i had was a chronic condition so from perfect health i went to full-blown symptoms again in 16 weeks). Finally understand that I'm dealing with a chronic problem, etc etc and will try to sort out treatment. But my main question is -- my symptoms are 1. blinding headaches, particularly in the morning but often lasting all day, 2. sore swollen throat and 3. the usual complete exhaustion and brain fog that everyone else reports. I haven't seen anyone mention headaches and sore throat -- are these unusual symptoms?

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Hi Pingo

I've seen headaches on a list of symptoms and also inflammation of the tongue (glossitis) but whether this might extend to the throat, I really don't know.

All I can suggest is to do some further research but do be careful as to believing what you read. Make sure it's from a reputable source and then check out other reputable sources. Apologies if I'm teaching you to suck eggs etc ... ;)


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