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A Confession And Apology to Foggyme Followers: 'Following' Has Been Accidentally Deleted

Hi All. It appears that I've been playing fast and loose when toggling my buttons in personal settings and have managed to accidentally delete all Foggyme 'followers' 😱. As a consequence, you'll no longer receive a notification when I put up a new post in the forum.

I've tested this with other Admins and don't think you'll receive any notification about this but wanted to let you know just in case you spot that your 'following' has been deleted.

This might be considered a sort of personal slight in the virtual world...so many apologies...not intentional...I value you all and slight you not πŸ˜€πŸ˜€.

And that will teach me to take more care when I toggle my buttons πŸ˜‰.

All is up and running again so please feel free to re-follow if you so desire...I'll take care not to delete you again (if I can get my hands and brain to co-ordinate properly and stop pressing the wrong buttonsπŸ™„).

Silly me xx

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Hi Foggyme I don't even know how to know who is following whom - if you follow me - as I cannot reveal the names of who are followers and who are followees (if there is such as word) or is there a different "set of buttons" to press?


Wow! Thanks Hidden It's wonderful when you know which buttons to press. :)


Hi clivealive ...excellent news...you've discovered your buttons...just be careful what you press...it's a dangerous button world out there...πŸ˜‰


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I really love the Cadbury's chocolate ones but my diabetes precludes me from indulging :( so I'll just have to substitute with these "for-um" :)

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Hey clivealive. Buttons are buttons are buttons are buttons...just keep pressing πŸ™„

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