PA and canker sores

PA trivia- did you know that PA begins years before an actual diagnosis? I read in an article about Mary Lincoln Todd- President Abraham Lincoln's wife suffered from PA and died of it since B12 had yet to be discovered. She had a history of chronic canker sores in her mouth which is reported to be a symptom of PA. I have PA and I had canker sores for years. I tried everything to ameliorate them- stop eating citrus, better oral care, etc. but they persisted until I started taking the B12 injections. No more canker sores!

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  • Interesting ..... I have noticed that my mouth problems have improved since having B12 injections .... I thought perhaps it was a coincidence.

  • just to clarify - I think the article wasn't saying that she definitely had PA as it would be impossible to prove that - but was probably suggesting that she may have had PA as it fitted with her symptoms.

  • Yes, you are absolutely correct. Thanks for clarifying.

  • My canker sores persisted until I increased my folic acid. For me, it wasn't the B12 alone that made them go away, but folic acid seems to have done the trick.

    The last I heard, there wasn't a known cause of canker sores. Maybe there are multiple possible triggers that cause them? I know I am happy that I finally stopped having them. I'm glad you found something that works on yours. :)

  • Hi.

    Are canker sores the same thing as ulcers?

    I used to get regular ulcers on tongue until I started B12.

    Good to know you found something that helped.

  • Yes, one of the bad things about PA is that it can creep up on you. The slow development of fatigue and memory loss is often put down to 'getting old' - so nothing is done about it.

    I strongly believe that anybody having blood taken for testing for something else should also have B12 tested at the same time.

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