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Best time of day to have B12 injection


What is the best time of day to have your B12 injection or doesn't it make any difference. I have been surviving on the usual 3 monthly GP injections and now have a small supply of B12 paraphernalia after a promise from someone to inject me and I will see how it goes using them to bloster my NHS one which always runs out before the next one is due.

So I can maximise the good effect and reduce any adverse effects is there a good time of day to get it done though I will be restricted to some extent on the availablity of my injector.

I take levothyroxine normally about 6:30 in the morning well away from any food and multivitamin later in the day.

Perhaps one day I will have the courage to self inject but not yet. Thanks for reading.

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Sorry can't answer timing question ,but, self injected for first time ever today . I used the yellow needle and was not aware of it going in at all. Like NOT AT ALL. So easy and totally not even a twinge with that needle. You could probably assassinate someone with it.

Nonameavailable I think the shaking hands might be a problem :)

Different people have different ideas and preferences. It's a case of experimenting and finding what's best for you.

Personally, I prefer to jab in the evening, a few hours before bed. I always feel sleepy a few hours after, so it gives me a good night's sleep. Other people find it keeps them awake, so jab in the morning, others don't find timing makes any difference.

carer999 in reply to topazrat

Thanks topazrat I will just get my injection at what is a convenient time for it to be done and see how it goes.

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