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Cheap Folic Acid Tablets 400ug

I ran out of Folic Acid tablets my GP prescribed, so I bought the same strength 400ug tablets from Asda and they only cost £1 for 60 or 90 tablets.

I think 60. I was suprised at how cheap they are to buy, otherwise I was going to get a repeat prescription from my GP(with my other repeat meds), as I didn't know they were £1.

Is there a difference between these supermarket tablets and branded tablets although they're the same strength?.....or do they simply do the same job and branded are just overpriced ?

I remember buying them from Boots Pharmacy once but I forgot how much I paid. I'm sure they weren't this cheap.

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No difference at all if the strengths are the same as prescribed. Folic acid is also being fortified into all sorts of breakfast cereals

I buy my folic acid from Healthspan for a year's supply for about £8.50


I paid about 90p for 180 tablets! Can anyone beat that? Lol 😛


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