Anything there?

Anything there?

I was feeling ridiculously anemic at the time this blood was drawn a month ago but, as usual, there is no indication of anemia. It's so frustrating to feel ill and not know why. Does anyone see something I am not noticing? Apparently these are the only tests that were run.

I am starting to wonder if I might have low blood volume, which might explain feeling anemic but having normal test results (if I understand what I've read correctly), but I have no hope of getting tested for that.

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  • Hi Galixie perhaps you should ask to have your Vitamins D, B12 and Folate levels tested.

  • It would be pointless to check my B12 level since I'm on weekly shots. I am fairly certain that my vit D is low (it's always low and I am bad about supplementing it). I'm not sure what my folate level is, but I am good about supplementing that one.

    I think my iron results seem a bit low and I'm kind of floored that my saturation percent was only 12% but still considered within range. The range for that test used to be 15 to 50, but now it's 10 to 45. I swear sometimes it seems like there's some conspiracy going on to make my results always appear to be in the normal range.

    Just become I'm paranoid, doesn't mean I'm wrong lol.

  • ....and you don't have to be paranoid to think that everyone's out to get you.

    I used to be undecided, but now I'm not too sure....

    I hope you get some answers soon.

  • This is personal observation rather than anything backed by scientific studies. It also isn't directly related to anaemia. I do find that a very small drop in my blood oxygen levels - eg anything below 95/96% leaves me feeling totally washed out even though this is actually quite a good level. My conclusion has always been that it probably isn't anything to do with what is going on in my blood but the way my body is now interpreting what is happening and all the thresholds having changes substantially ... though they may always have been that way for me but I'm just more conscious of them now - certainly didn't have the option of using a pulse-oximeter when I was younger :)

  • Thanks Gambit. I do have unexplained hypoxia. It is so intermittent that finding the cause is impossible. I find that my low oxygen symptoms do differ a bit from when I feel overall anemic because my oxygen levels fluctuate rapidly so the symptoms are less acute. (Except when I exercise and my toes go numb.)

    I truly felt, and looked, like death barely warmed over at the time those tests were done. It just makes no sense to me that the reason for feeling so awful never shows up in the results. Even the other people who saw me that weekend could tell something wasn't right.

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