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Waiting for Results - MMA & Homocysteine - how long from taking blood to getting results (approx), pls?

I had bloods taken last Friday, 17 Mar 2017, to include MMA and Homocysteine levels. The FBC has been reported already but I was wondering how long the MMA and Homocysteine levels are likely to take?

I've read that it might be that these bloods need to be sent elsewhere, to a major centre, or somewhere. Could that be right?

I have follow-up appt with GP next Saturday, 25 Mar 2017, but now wondering if I should change the appt to next week, or later.

Many thanks

Please can anyone suggest

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Hi JMN2017. Yes...seems many places outsource these tests rather than do them internally. The time it takes for the results to be returned will depend on what outsourcing arrangements are in place locally...and which labs are contracted to provide the service.

Mine had to go to Cardiff and it took an astonishing ten weeks for the results to come through.

Whether this was a 'blip' or is indicative of usual timeframes - no idea (I'd like to think it was a blip 😖).

Whatever....I'd be surprised if your results were back at the surgery for Saturday.



Thanks very much, Foggyme

I think I'll phone the lab at the hospital tomorrow and check. I don't think there is much point in seeing the GP without these results, especially as there is no real change in any of the FBC results.

I appreciate your help ;)

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I had my blood taken for these at the hospital as the homocysteine has to be in the lab within half an hour of being taken I was told. My results for this one were back at the doctor within a week though it took her a few days to get them into my record. My mma on the other hand was sent to Cardiff, that was 4 weeks ago now and I have yet to hear anything.

Hope that helps.

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Hi Bowtruckle

Thanks for this. I had read somewhere that one of these tests can take weeks, as might be sent away. I also wonder if they're also then done in batches (seem to have heard that mentioned too)

I've just tried ringing the Path Lab at the hospital and they don't like talking to patients re their blood tests!!! I explained I only wanted to know when to expect results from particular tests as I thought they'd need to be sent away but apparently the surgery should be doing this, if it's required.

So much for trying to save wasting appointments with GPs, particularly as it can take weeks to get an appt with specific GPs, which I do in this case.

So, I'll have to contact the surgery to ask them if they can find out any information. In the meantime, I might be making and cancelling appts online !!!


Not sure if they do them in bathes, only know that when my homocysteine result came back, it came back at the same time that the mma had been done in the wrong bottle or something so had to be repeated. Maybe they test, but send out the results in batches???

Who knows.

I know what you mean about booking appointments. My doc is quite good, but that means also trying to get to see her can be a long wait. I went on a couple of days ago, (I can book my appointments online) and there were no appointments in the next 6 weeks. The following day though, one appointment appeared, so only got to wait now until 25th April.

Such a silly thing isn't it.

Hope your docs can find out how long you will have to wait for results!


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