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pleas please give me advice

I have begged my horrible gp to make another referral to a neurologist I have heard is most interested in b12 deficiency and peripheral neuropathy. Appointment has arrived. So... I have one shot. Do I launch into description of the terrible pains I have in my feet and burning legs - or my moan about getting injections every 2 months....or how poorly I am after about 2/3 weeks.... do I confess to si? Please please give me your advice.

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If your neurologist is any good they will guide the session. They should ask you exactly what medication you are on - including non-prescription supplements - and what your symptoms are. Tell the truth. If you SI then tell them how much and how often and why you feel it is necessary.

They should do various tests there and then (skin pricks, reflexes, balance) and probably suggest a whole load of blood tests and maybe some nerve condition studies to be done afterwards.

Write out a list of everything you think he needs to be told and take it with you. He'll want to know when you first started noticing symptoms, when you were diagnosed, when treatment started, etc.

There are lots and lots of causes of peripheral neuropathy and it can take quite some time to figure out which one(s) may be resposible. On my first visit mine ruled out B12 and diabetes as possible causes of my neuropathy. After another session, plus a referral to a London expert, we still don't know what's causing it.


Yes jillc39 make a list of your symptoms and present it to your neurologist and try to keep calm. Write out what you want to say and keep to the script. If you can, take someone with you for moral support and I think you will do fine.

Actually your "horrible gp" is following the N.I.C.E guidelines by sending you to an "expert".

Do you know your Folate level?


All of the above


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