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Trigeminal neuralgia

Does anyone have Trigeminal neuralgia with vit b12 deficiency. I get excruciating facial pain on the right side of my face when I clean my upper right teeth. I have been self injecting every other day for over a year but recently cut it down to twice a week, should I go back SI every other day. I also have MS. I feel dizzy at times with shaky vision. Any advice will be greatly appreciated, thankyou.

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if your symptoms come back when you drop the frequency of injections I would take that as an indicator that you shouldn't drop the frequency.

B12 isn't toxic and is used in much higher doses than you are administering to treat cyanide poisoning because it is the safest treatment.

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Things to rule out: obviously you will have seen a dentist.

I have read that facial pain can be a symptom of MS.

It can also be a symptom of migraine.

I have been having facial pain on and off for a couple of years and have chronic migraine. I thought the facial pain might be due to a tooth problem but it moves around to different areas/sides of my face. It is worse around one particular area: where I had a wisdom tooth removed years ago in the lower jaw, and around the wisdom tooth in the upper jaw which I've just learnt has a hole in it. Waiting to see if treatment helps. The pain moves into my jaw, throat, around the cheekbone and up into the temple.

Whereas ice helps the migraine, I found that heat (warm hot water bottle) helps the face pain.

Every sympathy - it's a very unpleasant sensation indeed.


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