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Want to start SI

So I've decided i want to start self injecting. I've had 4 'weekly loading doses' in December, the only thing that i found to be a difference was the 'shooting pains' that i get went away and this week they've come back with a vengeance and worse than before. My gastro issues are still the same (hell knows if there related though) I've been referred to a gastro. I'm having 'shooting/burning pains in my hands, feet, arms legs, pretty much all over. I feel like i'm coming down with the flu but nothing actually happens. I have real bad pain in my shoulders tonight. I just can't keep going on like this. My next injection due in April, that's ages away. I want the freedom to think, yeah i need an injection today, just don't know where to start. I've seen where to get all the 'supplies' from, but there all German sites and i don't know what to trust and whats the best one. ?

Also awaiting a test for PA and H.plyroi.

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Hi there .... it is a bit daunting when you start out, I get mine from Amazon.d it's German amazon but you can change the language on the site to English, you log in using your U.K. Password ect and it's that easy took 3 days for mine to arrive. All my other paraphernalia I got from meddisave, a box of syringes a box of pre injection swabs and two boxes of needles all for under £20. Any questions or worries will get answered on this wonderful site ...... good luck


I got my needles and syringes from medisave, the ampules from a German site called goldpharma. Best decision I ever made was to start SI, been at it since December and my balance has already improved. A wobble a few times a week instead of nearly falling/actually falling.... and I'm 23!!

Good luck, this site is amazing for help and support :)


I order hydroxocobalamin from Rotexmedica Vitamin B12 depot 1mg/ml. I ordered 100 to save on postage. Good product and service. Everything else required from medisave.

Good luck. I have to say I have no regrets since opting to self inject. Have made an appointment to inform my GP on 1st February so it can go on my record.

I continue to have neurological symptoms, and impaired appetite due to feeling bloated and filling up quickly when I eat. I take lime juice to increase stomach acidity & it's been suggested I try a probiotic too. (Which I will do on return to U.K. next week)

Remember to supplement with folic acid I also take Vit D (I was also deficient despite regular walks in the sunshine, currently in Mumbai) I also take a good multivitamin.

Wishing you well.


I ache, & get those sensations when I've had insufficient thyroid hormones, & had them constantly before taking them.

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I ordered via Goldpharma but I believe the product actually comes from versandapo. I ordered 15 to start with and then ordered 50 to save on postage. I found needles, syringes and swabs on Amazon. A pack of 10 each of swabs, syringes, green needles and blue needles costs only £3.99, free P&P. I bought a sharps bin off EBay.

I'd never last12 weeks between injections. I've got it to once a week but most symptoms have gone. I've also put gel insoles in all my boots and shoes which have helped with the foot pain. I'm trying out the £3.99 Superdrug ones at the moment.

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Thank you so much everyone for your help I'll look into it when I'm better as would you believe I have the flu lol


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