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Low b12


Iv been feeling very ill and extremely weak tired for a very long time I also get bad night sweats and can only sleep for 2/3 hrs a night if I'm lucky Iv just had my bloods done came back my b12 is 95 and my folate is 2.78 my doctor has said I need an intial 6b12 injections followed by once a month it's really beginning to interfere with my life and work I work 12 hrs days it's killing me I just feel so ill how long will it take to feel any diffrence when Iv had the b12 injections

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Hi Newberryk.

Ditto ditto ditto

You have called in to the right place.

Please read the pinned posts, in blue on the right side of this page for all the information you need re B12 treatment. There are scientific, informed reports there to back up your knowledge and which you can print to show your doctor when you go back to challenge his opinion that 6 loading doses are enough.

I wont put words in your mouth, self knowledge and symptoms are the best evidence, backed by opinion from experts. If you can retain the information it may give you the edge. Otherwise keep a copy to hand and read frequently, but certainly print off the sheets addressed to your doctor.

You will be surprised, even shocked at some of the symptoms on the symptom list and relieved that you are not odd, just displaying the expected signs the experts know you will have, you will also be mighty relieved mate!

Take comfort and support here whenever you want. Answers to questions, expert patients can give here and so much support.

Chin up, find your readers, if you need them, and welcome to the PAS club.

Good luck


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Thank you footygirl Iv been ignored and palmed off by my doctors for so long I knew there was something wrong with me

Start a logbook and score all your symptoms each day.

New symptoms show up from the injections and can make you feel worse before you feel better

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