Accidental injection into vein - was fine for me!

A few weeks ago I accidentally injected into one of the small veins in my thigh, despite pulling back on the syringe - I think I must have moved the needle tip as I pressed the plunger. It was a bit more uncomfortable than usual, did bleed a bit afterwards and I did have a small bruise but otherwise I had, and have had, no other effects. I knew I had done so as there was also some blood in the syringe.

I thought I would post this to reassure Peggylally66 and lots of others who SI. I didn't mean to but I definitely won't worry about doing it again.

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  • Absolutely true - don't be afraid of hitting a vein.

    I've done this 3 times now out of 21 injections (including the first one where the GP showed me how, which was reassuring as he said 'you've just hit a vein' and stopped me panicking!).

    I confirm that it is no big deal to hit a vein although it can bleed a fair bit, it doesn't really hurt any more than the usual injection does. If you press very hard on the spot straight away I've found you can stop it bruising at all (but maybe this depends on exactly what you hit). It is useful to have a tissue on hand.

  • It's much more likely that you went through a vein and out the other side.

  • agreed .. i guess both can happen.

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