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Some Reassurance Please on S/I Methyl Dosage

Hi all, I haven't posted for several weeks but may be some of you remember me. I was the one with the frosty faced endocrinologist and was trying to start self injecting.

After a few false starts and not feeling that Hydroxo was having much effect I've got going with methylcobalamin 5mg/ml. I've been dividing each ampoule in to 5 doses and had 3 injections per week for two weeks (as instructed).

However as I didn't feel much improvement after that and found I kept hitting a brick wall energy wise I've been injecting every day for 5 days and feel a smidgen stronger and the aches and pains subsiding a bit and my body feels generally a little bit more enlivened and dare I say slightly more peacefull. Hope I'm not tempting fate by saying all that.

The neurological things are also ever so slightly better.

I think I will now go back to twice this week and one next week and see what happens.

Just need some reassurance and a confidence boost that I'm ok to do this even though I read loads of posts some time back saying you can't overdose.

My body seems to be responding before my mood. Wondered if anyone else had found this?

I'm sure if my doggo could speak he would reassure me but I rely on you guys

thanks Sallyb

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I find that methyl does nothing for my mood at all - though it is good for neuropathy - adenosyl works well for me on the mood side - but hydroxo seems to be the key on that.

you may find this rather old poll of interest

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Thanks Gambit62. I'll persevere with the methyl and see what happens as my physical problems do seem to be responding a bit and may be my mood will follow on. If not then I'll see about adenosyl supplementing as well.

Do you yourself inject adenosyl or use supplements? That would be helpful to know please.


mainly use nasal spray but do self inject probably 3-4 x a week.

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thanks for that reply it's really useful for me to know Gambit62



Yesterday Shenks posted a similar question to which I replied:

I'd keep going as you are for now - until you feel consistently well. Over a year on I'm still SI daily and still improving. There are lots of others who have been on daily and even twice daily jabs for years. If you need it, you need it.

Don't forget to take all the supporting supplements that are required to make the extra B12 work.

When you reach a point where you feel you are fine and that you really don't need a jab every other day, why not try one every 3 days for a few weeks? If that's OK you can gradually reduce the interval again.

I would suggest you are cautious about dropping it too quickly as there will be a lot of "behind the scenes" damage repair going on and last spring I got very bad whenever my jabs were cut out (due to Drs). I think I may not need so much now if the treatment had been introduced and reduced more slowly. It felt like my body couldn't cope with the degree of variation of supply.

There were other really good replies and I suggest you read through them too.

Above all... Believe in yourself!!!

You have got where you are because of you so give yourself credit and know that the best person to decide what's working for you... is YOU! That's why you are using methylcobalamin rather than hydroxocobalamin - well done! No-one is so dependant on you feeling well as you are so you are likely to have your best interests at heart!! 😁 xx


thanks for a great reply deniseinmilden. Good advice / encouragement which I needed to hear. I'm beginning to realise that I'm soon using up any energy I've gained so realise it's going to be trial and error. When the energy goes it's quite a shock as it's sudden.

I've been low at least since 2004 and undiagnosed so there may be is a lot of repair work to do as you say.

I'll read Schenks post and replies now.

cheers sallyb


Listen to your body more than your brain/mood! We can convince ourselves of all sorts for all sorts of reasons. Your body on the other hand will tel you the truth if you choose to listen.

I know that sounds a bit fruity but as someone wrote below believing in ourselves lies at the heart of how well or otherwise our minds can work.

onwards and upwards!


hya doze yes you are right. Brain can work overtime especially when I'm tired and frustrated and I think you get gut feelings about your wellness as I have done twice in the past with serious illnesses.

cheers sallyby onwards and upwards as you say

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Brilliant reply - I think we all could do with hearing advice like that! Thank you!


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