New rural Missouri needing reference!

I have had symptoms of PA for over a year and was bounced between doctors before recent diagnoses. I am frustrated with my internist and neurogolist. Neither will allow more than one shot a week and the neurologist wants to do an MRI to "fish" for causes of my memory loss and discounts the new neuropathy symptoms in my legs as been related to PA. I live in a rural Missouri (USA) area and I think my doctors are inexperienced with PA and don't want to step on each other's toes. Could someone from the St. Louis support area give me the name of a doctor who specializes in PA? My insurance is COX Health a reference for someone in Springfield MO area would be amazing helpful.

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  • Hi, sorry to hear you are having so much trouble. I an in the U.S. But I'm in Portland, Oregon, so no help there!

    I had to find a naturopathic doctor in order to get B12 often enough. My regular GP wouldn't authorize more shots. So, if you can't find a specialist in your area, you might consider going to a naturopath. They generally know more about vitamins and vitamin B12. You could certainly call around and inquire about their policy on B12 to make sure you get someone who understands your needs.

    I'm not sure if the law is the same from state to state, but my naturopath prescribes the b12 which I pick up from a compounding pharmacy and my husband injects me. I am authorized by the naturopath to use as much as I need to.

    Best of luck to you!

  • If you are trying to contact the PAS missouri support group you need to do that through the PAS website and you will need to log in - which means you will need to join to be able to access the contact details. However, you will then be able to contact the group directly


  • Are there support groups for each state in the USA?

  • if you go to the link you will see the groups that are up and running. Most are in the UK and the only one in the US seems to be Missouri

  • I could not figure out how to join!

  • Just MO in USA with PAS

  • if you go to the home page


    there is a red bar across the top - one option is 'Become a Member'

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