A Tip for Speeding Up Hospital Appointments

Hi All. Most of you will probably know this but here's a tip, just in case anybody out there isn't aware...

Most hospital clinics run a 'cancellations' list so that they can fill appointments at short notice and it's quite easy to get yourself put on this list if you want to try and get a quicker appointment.

Here's how...

When you get your initial appointment letter, allocating you to a consultant / particular clinic, ring the hospital concerned and ask to be put through to the person who books appointments for that clinic - have your NHS or hospital number ready. Explain that you have a long wait for an appointment and ask if they have a cancellations list that you can be put on (most do). They will then contact you if an earlier appointment becomes available.

I have just managed to get a neurology appointment moved from 28 October to 23 September, and an endocrinology appointment moved from 8 December to 16 September! Waiting to see if it also 'works' for rheumatology appointment 😀.

It also saves the NHS from 'wasting' appointments!

Apologies if this is a case of teaching you to suck eggs... 😀

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  • So is that called "frog jumping"? :) :) :)

  • Thanks for the tip, going to give it a try. As my emergency appointment is in December, so I will give this a go! Thank you!


  • Hi Tea1234. It really does make you wonder what exactly an emergency is, doesn't it! It's now taken me over six months, on an emergency referral, and I'm still awaiting results following the first initial consultation...disgraceful!

    Hope you manage to get an earlier appointment.

    Good luck xx

  • Thanks, it really is disgraceful. Went back to my Gp and told him still in pain with my stomach, however still have to wait, but his advice was if it's that bad go to A.E..

    Enjoy what's left of the weekend.


  • And no wonder A & E department across the country are bursting at the seams! I got the same 'advice' when I was breathless and 'lost my legs'!

    Good luck and please let us know how you get on x

  • Thank you so much, all the best to you too!

    Very grateful.


  • Thanks. Makes sense

  • Brilliant information! Thank you. I didn't know this and I bet lots of people don't.! Good for you my friend, I hope you get some answers!

  • Thanks Withattitude. I think I'd assumed that people would know...but how could they if never involved in hospital 'work' etc. Think I might repost every so often so that new joiners get the information.

    Hope all well with you x

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