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Paresthesia after eating

Hi, I'm very much hoping that someone here will be able to help me. Just before Christmas I started having tingling feelings in my feet and hands. These spread to other parts of my body, and can now occur anywhere. I also get fasciculations. I've had some tests from my GP, but he seems a bit out of his depth with it. My B12 was low and I tested positive for anti-parietal antibodies. In a subsequent stool test I also tested positive for malabsorption. I was treated with six hydroxocobalam injections, plus a three monthly injection, but from what I've read on this site that won't be enough to sort out the neurological symptoms, so I've been supplementing with methylcobalamin on my own - I've tried patches and 1000 mcg per day orally, but the symptoms are very slow to settle down, and they get much worse when I eat a whole range of foods (gluten, dairy, and apparently almost anything high in fructose - I ate some apple the other day and the paresthesia started up within five minutes). I'm assuming I probably have low stomach acid (I tried taking some bicarbonate of soda, and didn't burp at all, and when I asked him the doctor said it was a "no-brainer" that I would have low stomach acid, though he hadn't mentioned it to me). Does anyone else here have neurological symptoms which can come on incredibly fast after eating particular foods? It would be really helpful to know that I'm not alone with these puzzling symptoms. Thanks in advance for any help!

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Hope you do find someone who has had similar problems though have to admit that I haven't. Seems strange that it would be a response to foods when you are receiving supplementation of B12 in other ways. Gluten intolerance has been linked to problems processing B12.

I do find that alcohol can knock out my B12 ... as can artificial progesterone ... and I supplement huge amounts of B12.


Hi There I don't know if this is the same but I have had a similar reaction just after eating. My right foot just past my toes can can numb and start tingling. It always seems after food. Then it wears off. I gave up eating gluten 3 weeks ago and I've been improving everyday. Especially the foot numbness. Interestingly Gambit has said in her post that Gluten intolerance can cause problems processing B12. I didn't know that but, I do feel loads better and my stomach problems seem to have improved massively. I have problems with thyroid antibodies and was advised to go gluten free. Maybe try going gluten free for 3 months or so and see how you feel. I found it very easy although I did have withdrawal symptoms for a while but ok now. Hope you feel better.

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Thanks! I haven't had any gluten for months, but unfortunately it hasn't been enough to sort out the problem. I'll keep trying!


How are you now, I am interested simply because I have exactly similar problem. expecting some more details especially regarding improvement of your condition


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