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pa and the menopause

hi i'm new here but looking for some opinions!i have been having b12 injections for about 14 yrs now.havnt had a period for nearly 12 months,im 47 so guessing menopausal,which i have no problem with.apart from no periods i have no other menopause symptons,hot sweats etc,in fact i feel great!is this normal or am i just lucky?i am always cold so wouldnt mind hot sweats but i get it down to the b12?thanks for any advice in advance.

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I don't think that it has anything to do with B12. I never had a hot sweaty or any sort of menopausal symptom. This was long before I had any B12 injectionsL. We were just very lucky !


Sorry my reply was sent accidentally ! I think that feeling the cold can be a thyroid symptom, which some PA patients have . Best wishes to you.

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I went through the early menopause in 2 months - not sure if it's due to b12 or not - but I had horrific symptoms for those 2 months!


People vary a lot in how they experience the menopause - not everyone gets hot flushes and some people genuinely don't experience much if anything by way of symptoms.

And I think some people genuinely do experience cold more than hot flushes - though as wedgewood comments feeling cold is a symptom of hypothyroidism - and if you have B12 deficiency from autoimmune PA then it isn't uncommon to also have hypothyroidism from an auto-immune response


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