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Knowing rite time to inject IV on folic acid

Hi I started self injecting but after having the third one ,I spaced them out fortnightly I was wiped out and felt distraught crying .wen I saw doctor said it's not my b12 but folate low and giv me folic acid which slowly helping but last couple days I'm shattered can't think and breathing bad does this indicate I need my jab now but still take folic acid as IV got another 3 months supply .sorry I'm still try understand wat the rite balance is to get best effect thanks

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Hi Leigh6873. I'm new here and, like you struggling to get vitamin and mineral balance right, but not doing very well at the moment.

I know, from what others have said, that getting these right is key to getting the B12 to work properly at an active cell level. I'm still working on it (for instance, I know that my ferritin, vitamin D and calcium levels are low, so this may be one reason why I'm struggling). There are other things that count, as well!

I'm really sorry that I can't offer any 'proper' advice as to what to take etc., but there are others here who are very knowledgable and I'm sure someone will be able to help.

Just wanted to say I know how you feel and wish you good luck with the ongoing battle to get well!


Leigh 6873, you also need potassium - from food sources is best so you don't overdose - and magnesium, which I get from a spray.



I'm not a medic so can't tell you what to do...

But I suggest you do your jabs when you feel your symptoms returning.

They are safe to do quite often - some people like me need them as often as every day.

I suggest you take a broad spectrum multivitamin and mineral supplement (e.g. Tesco's A-Z one is good) plus extra folate, potassium and magnesium every day.

You can get:

the folate from your folic acid or you might need methylfolate which you can buy from Amazon.

the potassium from your food (Google it to find out which things you like) and as potassium chloride from LoSalt instead of normal table salt. It is available from some independent stores.

the magnesium from Epsom Salts (magnesium sulphate) from a chemist (best to bath in it because it is a laxative if you eat too much!) or as Magnesium chloride, also from Amazon - the same applies!

It is important to get plenty of proteins from nuts, seeds and ideally all different types of meat and fish.

If any of this isn't clear or you'd like more help, I am happy to help - please ask again!

Brilliantly well done so far and good luck with getting the balance of everything else right for you!


Hi Leigh6873,

I'm not a medical professional but I would say that it sounds as if you need another injection! That's how I feel when in need more b12.You are now taking folic acid and if you also eat food high in folate as deniseinmilden wrote (folic acid is a chemical while folate is what is found in food) you should be okay. I don't think there is a "balance" per se between b12 & folate, just that you need good folate levels to help the b12 work.

Jab away and I hope you feel better soon! :-) you can't take too much b12.


Oops! Actually deniseinmilden didn't say get your folate from food, my mistake, but you can Google foods high in folate and make sure you are eating them!


If your doctor has told you that you're low in folate and given you a three month supply of folic acid, then you need to take it every day for the three months to get your levels back up. Folate deficiency can cause symptoms as well as B12 deficiency. I was both B12 and folate deficient, and started with B12 jabs for two weeks, then the GP added in folic acid. It wasn't until my folate levels began to increase that I felt any better. B12 needs good folate levels to be of any use.

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I should also add - don't underestimate how bad low folate can make you feel. It often gets lost because we focus on the B12 symptoms.

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Hi. You need to keep taking 5mg folic acid because it takes at least 3 months for the blood cells to renew with good ones. Some of the doctors at my practice only give one month supply, hence the situation I was in of having high serum folate come crashing down on several blood tests over the years. I think these periods of low folate have at least contributed to my neurological damage.


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