Newly diagnosed ? IV infusion to commence

Hi all, just after a bit of advice please. Just been positively diagnosed with pernicious anaemia, following a year of tests and finally a gastroscopy. Waiting to go and see my GP regarding commencing treatment. I have read that IV vitamin infusions could be the way to go initially, does anyone have any experience with this? 

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  • Hi, welcome, if you are UK based it is more likely that you will be given about 6 loading doses of hydroxo injections at your gps. Depending how informed your gp is, and what your symptoms are, if neuro ie pins and needles or burning sensations you should be getting them until there is no improvement. But unfortunately that doesnt always happen. 

  • Thanks Lisahelen for your reply. Am in Australia. My GP has mentioned 3 monthly injections only. So having read a lot of the posts have decided I need to be pro-active! :)

  • too true!

  • Hi Ellie.  I've tried vitamin and mineral infusions (amongst other things) and have to say that they worked really well for me, although they're too damned expensive to have regularly but I believe that they have certainly helped me to get further down the path to recovery.

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