Anyone used A. Pemberton - Functional Medicine and Nutrigenomics practitioner, Leeds

Hi has anyone ever used A. Pemberton in Leeds, Functional Medicine and Nutrigenomics practitioner?

They say they offer a personalised holistic approach - Metabolic Balance and EFT in addition to Functional Medicine and Nutrigenomics.

If so can you private message me with any reviews/comments.

Many thanks

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  • p.m.d you

  • Hi, could I trouble you to message me, I have an appointment with this lady in a couple of weeks time. Many thanks. Holly

  • Hi Could you let me know how you get on. Just reading about functional medicine now. Hope your appointment goes well

  • Did you see her Rett713?

  • Holly, did you see her?

  • Could you PM me too?

  • I have just tried to pm you, bluepettals2 and Rett713. If it doesn't work contact me again. Holly

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