B12 injections are made using GMO (genetically modified organisms)

I have very little knowledge about GMO and genetically engineered crops but after finding out last week that virtually all meat in British supermarkets is from animals reared on GM seed (as of 2 years ago), Ive started doing a bit of digging. And I found this:


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  • The concern with GM in crops is about the spread of the modifications to other crops through polination - hence all the regulations.

    To be honest humans have been genetically modifying organisms for millenia - though for most of that time it has been done through selective breeding (and for eg some breeds of dogs etc that has caused a lot of problems as desirable traits also come with undesirable one.)

    The article says it is in a closed system which means that the organisms can't get out and infect other related organisms.

  • Hi there,. I find this really interesting as I was reading an American scientific study yesterday that had concrete proof that the Genetically modified crops being fed to our animals is a leading cause of cancer in humans and dogs. Where the heck does that leave us. I can't work so can't afford organic!!!

  • I haven't liked eating meat most of my life. Then In my 30s I found out I was also allergic to the red dye they put in the meat to make it more appealing. It seems one has the choice of 2 evils when it comes to eating meat. Deal with one set of health problems eating the meat or another for not eating it. I hope with so many people suffering in the next few years scientists will come up with a solution.

  • I do worry about GMO crops because they are not contained and can cross with other plants in the environment with unforseen consequences. However genetic modification is occuring all the time in all of us both naturally and due to chemicals. I worry but I have to be philosophical as I would not be here if I did not get my B12 jabs. My husband too who had experimental stem cell transplant 20+ years ago had injections of modified cell growth hormone. We have to make sure biosecurity is strict but we need to use science wisely for the benefit of all. GMO crops should be watched carefully as they can spread uncontrolled and in the wild by crossing naturally with plants and this may lead to super weeds, super bugs etc. I am no expert but I know I cannot be against all genetic modification especially if my B12 is made from enclosed systems of genetically modified organisms as they keep me alive. It is a very difficult ethical dilemma.

  • The solution is become vegetarian (absolutely OK for PA patients,as we can only get our B12 from injections anyhow) or only eat organic meat. Waitrose often have Duchy minced beef and other beef cuts which are organic./Some butchers also have organic grass-fed meat and then there are mail-order organic butchers. Yes, organic is more expensive, but then just eat less of it..

  • Perhaps have to be a little careful with this article, particularly the bit that says ".It may be assumed in the meanwhile that vitamin B12 is manufactured as a rule with the aid of genetically modified microorganisms."

    "Assuming" and knowing definitively are quite different things.

    Would be interesting to see if there is any info on this from any of the manufacturers of B12..

  • I've become dubious, uncertain and doubtful about the claims that products are "organic" or "non GMO". How ever are we to prove it one way or another? We can only read and believe "what it says on the tin"....

    It was only a few years ago that we were unknowingly tucking into horse meat......!

    Still I'm grateful that, however my "Cytamen" (cyanocobamalin) 1000mcg b12 injections are made, at least no-one has to daily slaughter the "three little pigs" to supply me with the raw liver I was threatened with having to eat three times a day for the rest of my life when I was diagnosed with P.A. 44 years ago.

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