Problems with having loading doses over Christmas

Yesterday I had a letter from my GP saying I could have B12 injections and to ring up to arrange the loading doses, the nurse has said I can have one on Tuesday the 22nd and one Thursday the 24th but have to wait until Tuesday the 29th for the next one because of Christmas. The doses are supposed to be every other day for two weeks from what I've read. I'm worried that leaving four days isn't helpful. Has anyone got any advice?

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  • It's not helpful to have to wait 7 days, but it's not terrible.

  • Thank you for your reply. It's 5 days I have to wait in between. I'm just thankful I can have something as I feel dreadful. I 've read that it is suggested to take folate and potassium when having the injections, did you?

  • Hi,

    Yes, I take 400ug of Metafolin every day. I take my potassium in the form of bananas.

  • Has anyone ever seen any research showing that an injection every other day is the optimum initial treatment anyway?

  • I had the same issue ... though at the time I didn't have a clue what a B12 deficiency was .... and didn't seem to be able to find anyone who did.

    Took me 15 months to figure out that I needed a different treatment regime ...

  • Depends why you need it in the first place but you could go to health food shop and get a spray or high dose tablets just to keep you 'topped up', if i would make you feel happier.

  • It might give your system time to adjust and therefore you might be less likely to get the odd reactions of nerves waking up and microacne that many of us experienced when we got our loading doses.

    It won't hurt and the standard is just a simplified suggestion so everyone can easily comply. It doesn't suit everyone anyway as we are all slightly different.

    It will be more important to keep going with frequent injections until all your symptoms are resolved but that may take a fight to get!

    Happy Christmas

  • I am 6 days after my loading dose and wish I had had more time between each dose for my body to adjust. When 3 days were left in between I felt better than having every other day but I am told everyone reacts different.

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