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Newbie and self injecting advice

Hi All

Wanting some advice on folic acid, I have decided to self inject due to a list as long as my arm of symptoms that indicate Hashimotos, Low cortisol and B12 deficiency. No point in fighting with my doctor anymore, what daily dose of folic acid should I supplement with every day? Am I correct in thinking that I need to do this when injecting.

Thank you

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Have you tried other routes for B12 supplementation? There are sprays and lozenges that go under the tongue, sprays that go up the nose and patches for the skin. All of these avoid the problems of non-absorption in the gut.

If you do self-inject then you'll probably be doing it every 2 to 8 weeks. You'll be wanting to take oral folate supplements daily. I like the 400ug metafolin tablets from Amazon.


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