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Gastritis due to PA, how are you treating this problem?


Hello Everyone,

I'm posting about Gastritis as I'm in a bad flare up and I'm getting quite desperate. I tried Licorice in the Summer and thought I'd found the holy grail; I was so well. Then I managed to poison myself with it (I was taking tea as well as DGL) and had to stop. I tried just the DGL a couple of days ago but my intoxification was too recent and the headaches came back almost immediately, so licorice is out. I don't take PPI's as I believe these will exacerbate the problem (My specialist thinks that dysbiosis is the cause of autoimmune problems and PPI's will only encourage this) which leaves me with Gaviscon, which isn't terribly effective. It's making me depressed not to mention a little scared as the burning only makes my imagination run riot imagining the damage it's doing to my stomach. Any ideas anyone? is there anything I haven't tried?

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If you have PA then you almost certainly have Autoimmune Metaplastic Gastric Atrophy - where your immune system attacks the gastric parietal cells. Have you been tested for anti-GPC or anti-IF (Intrinsic Factor) antibodies?

If you do have AMGA then the destruction of GPCs will have two effects.

1. You will no longer produce enough IF. This is required for the absorption of B12.

2. You will no longer produce enough hydrochloric acid (achlorhydria). this acid is needed for proper digestion, especially of proteins; releasing B12 from the proteins in food, killing bacteria from the lower intestine, preventing them from getting into the stomach.

Surprisingly the symptoms of achlorhydria are similar to the symptoms of excess stomach acid. - Not surprising that Gaviscon does nothing as it is, mainly, antacids with a bit of seaweed snot.

So, if you do have PA then it's more likely that you want to increase the amount of acid in your stomach, especially during meals. People on here have found relief by using - unpasteurised saurkraut, apple cider vinegar, lemon juice, lime juice and beataine HCl. The latter is my preferred cure.

I'd love to know the science upon which your doctor bases the theory of dysbiosis causing autoimmune diseases (although if they did have proof they'd be getting a Nobel prize). But the saurkraut is packed full of yummy bacteria - so that would fight the problem on two fronts.

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Yes I'm producing the two antibodies and my PA was recently diagnosed. If I understand correctly the science behind the dysbiosis = autoimmune is down to the dysbiosis causing leaky gut which in turn brings about autoimmune disease (over simplified I know). I've been looking into sauerkraut but as I don't tolerate cabbage I'm nervous about trying it. As for the lemon juice if I try even a little I'm rolling about the floor with the pain, how on earth do I get past the initial pain in order to get on to some healing?

fbirder in reply to expatkerry

I'm of the opinion that achlorhydria, caused by autoimmune atrophic gastritis, can lead to dysbiosis. Because hydrochloric acid normally kills gut bacteria that try to get too high up the gut. Without it, the upper gut gets invaded.

Then there's the matter of what happens to all that yummy undigested food. Instead of getting absorbed in the small intestine, it makes its way lower down - where it forms a delicious food for the various bacteria that grow down there. They can quite happily ferment the undigested food, causing bloating, gas and other horrible things. Those bacteria also reproduce to an extent far beyond what would normally happen - further throwing the balance of gut bacteria out of kilter.

Some have had success mixing their lemon juice or vinegar with stuff to hide the taste. Honey seems popular.

Personally, I used to enjoy taking my lime juice with a nice drop of gin and some tonic water.

Hi, have you tried a really good probiotic? I take one every night, I use Nature's Way Primadopholus Optima.

I also use, at night b/c I have acid reflux upon lying down, Gaia herbs rapid relief reflux tablets, which are herbs such as licorice, chamomile, aloe vera and calcium and sodium bicarbonate in small amounts. Don't know if the licorice will bother you. These are gentle but seem to work really well for me. I also used to drink an ounce or two of aloe Vera juice (Whole Leaf) mixed with a little honey when it was very bad. All these things helped. I also don't eat past 5 in the evening if I can possibly help it. You might try these things first and when you are better could then add sauerkraut or Apple cider vinegar. I also take Enzymedica digestive enzymes at my evening meal as that is when I seem to have no HCL in my stomach.

I am in U.S and get my vitamins and supplements from Swanson vitamins which might be international. Good luck, it's awful to have acid reflux. I've never had burning in my stomach, though, so don't know if we have the same problem. I have been diagnosed with IBS s week as B12 & iron deficiency.

Hope you feel better soon!

I have similar issues, and the one supplement that has worked miracles for me is L- Gltamine. It helps decrease inflammation in the G.I. Tract and protects the stomach from H-pylori. You need to purchase it in powered form, I buy mine on Amazon. Most of the experts recommend 10-40 mg per day. There's lots of info on the web, just google it.

Hi Tigereye,

I'm taking L Glutamine (but it's fairly recent) I'm also waiting for a delivery of gastrazyme which is essentially the active ingredient in cabbage but without the side effects, someone on here recommended it in an old post. It's good to hear that that something is working for you, I hope I get lucky too. Probiotics are impossible for me I just can't tolerate them and I don't want to take any drugs that lower my stomach acidity further.

After years of severe digestive problems, inc. gastritis, IBS, gall bladder symptoms, reflux, h/pylori, etc. I finally found huge relief avoiding gluten and taking several spoonfuls daily of sauerkraut (an old European remedy andbetter than any other probiotic I've tried). It all comes back if I forget to take it !

I was recommended a probiotic called Symprove by someone on this forum. It's not cheap, tastes awful, but has been fantastic in reducing IBS type symptoms of bloating and constipation. I'd really recommend it.

I still had a sore stomach at times but I've found recently that avoiding alcohol has improved this. I only ever had a glass of wine once or twice a week but It seemed to really set off my stomach being irritated by everything.

I've also recently started using Betaine HCL but am a bit nervous about taking them. So far, good results though. I've taken them if I know I have a heavier meal to eat or a lot if protein, say a steak and I've felt good afterwards.

Hi Jan,

I've just read your profile we have a lot in common! I've had no luck at all with probiotics, I think I have some healing to do first. I've just recieved my Gastrazyme tablets that someone here recommended, I'll let you know if they work. Alcohol is a real no no for me unless I'm going through a good patch (and I'm not at the moment!) I'll post if I get good results from Gastrazyme.

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