Vit B12 Serum 166 pmol/L

Whats your opinions on a serum that's 166 pmol/L, has anyone else here had a valve like this and if so what symptoms did/do you have?

also my folate was low normal :S

Vitamin B12 L 166 Deficient <140 pmol/L (doctors note says 400-500 is adequate)

Insufficient 140 - 250

Consider reducing dose >725

Serum Folate 11.02 10.4 - 42.4 nmol/L

im not supplementing and also im a big meat eater :P

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  • Being a big meat eater if you have an absorption problem isn't going to help - you'd probably need to be eating a horse a day ... or loads of raw liver and even that won't help with some absorption problems.

    The fact that 160 is given as being in the insufficient range should really warrant treatment, but you really need to get your folate levels as well - need to be a big fruit and veg eater for that I'm afraid.

    Possible that you have a methylation problem - which could affect both B12 and folate levels - how depends on which variation you have - genetic variants that can affect your bodies ability to process vitamins like B12 and B9 from food into the forms that are used at the cell level. (MTHFR)

  • good point! so with the MTHFR gene do supplements still work? as methyl b12 bypasses some of the conversion etc?

  • It depends on the genetic variation and in some cases using a methylated form of a vitamin can actually make you feel a lot worse.

    I'm not an expert but this is an interesting introduction and seems to be more grounded in reality than a lot of what you can find out there.

  • omg it never ends lol, why cant anything be simple! :P

  • My level was 176 and my symptoms were numbness in feet and legs and hands, desperate tiredness, headaches migraines, mental confusion, aches and pains, and burning skin. I also was getting frequent virus infections, bouts of sinusitis, heavy colds etc...chest infections that didn't respond to antibiotics. I already had an underactive thyroid and was blaming everything on that. Thankfully my GP did a thorough blood test and began treatment for my low B12 once the results came through. I hope you get the treatment you need. MariLiz

  • do you feel better now?

  • Yes I do. It wasn't instantaneous though, it takes time for everything to begin to heal. Sometimes the pain is worse before it begins to get better. I think Clutter explained it as like a radio tuned in to a very poor signal, our bodies are struggling to use the minimal amounts of B12 in our systems. So the volume is turned as loud as possible to extract what we can. Once we start to be flooded with B12 by the loading injections, everything is very "loud" ! We now have a strong signal and our bodies have to readjust to the extra levels and "turn the volume down". It's not easy to explain, but I think the radio signal analogy is a good one.

    I have recently negotiated more frequent injections with my GP as a trial, this is to see whether some of my continuing symptoms are because of B12 still being too low. It might be that my thyroid meds need adjusting, or even the fibromyalgia which I've also been diagnosed with. So far I think I feel even better, so I'm hoping she'll be prepared to extend the trial period. Best wishes MariLiz

  • MariLiz, it's a great analogy but not one I can take credit for inventing or posting.

  • Hi Clutter, I'd just remembered reading it in one of your replies, and I thought it explained it so well! So thank you wherever it came from originally. MariLiz

  • MariLiz, you did it explain it well. I must have done a good cut and paste job on something :-D

  • well that cut and paste is more info then most gp's give us lol, i have some methyl b12 lozenges here ready to start in the morning, but i dont know if i should go doctors and try get injections?

  • Leahcim, I would hold off supplementing until you've seen the GP about injections as the lab report states 166 is insufficient and 400-500 is adequate.

  • wouldnt the methyl b12 help though or?

  • Leahcim, yes it will help but it might skew results if your GP decides to investigate why B12 is low.

  • good point, is it even worth investigating? as the treatments always the same? :(

  • Leahcim, If you have PA treatment is loading shots and lifelong 3 monthly injections.

    If deficiency is not due to PA, chances are you'll get a loading injection/s to correct deficiency and that's it.

  • ooo i see. i cant even get an appointment and iv been checking for weeks lol

  • Now i dont know what to do, the "patient" website says this

    "Serum vitamin B12 is the most commonly used method of establishing B12 deficiency. In general, levels <111 pmol/mL reliably indicate deficiency. Neurological deficiency or anaemia is usually evident in patients with levels <89 pmol/mL. False positives (low levels in the absence of deficiency) can occur with pregnancy, folate deficiency, myeloma,[7] and excessive vitamin C intake"

    i got 166 pmol/l :(

  • also i have no clue what this website would do without u clutter! you rock! :P :)

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