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A Bit Of Humour! Muddling Up Words

Does anyone else experience this? I have made so many mistakes just recently with muddling up my words, using the wrong ones and it can quite funny.

I was talking to my youngest son about music and I said 'Microwave' instead of 'Microphone'

I was in work and needing to direct someone from Manchester Piccadilly station, but instead I said 'Piccabilly station' hahaha!!

I mix up telephone numbers all the time.

I am meeting my eldest son this evening and he said to his Dad, 'I am looking forward to seeing Mum, she is so funny at the moment, always mixing up her words' haha! Charming, I'm a laughing stock.

What are your experiences?


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I made my friend laugh by saying someone was grinding on me, I meant grating


Yes I do this frequently especially if feeling a bit low in B12! I have lost my train of sentence completely and really mixed up words when I was deficient at beginning. It still happens but less now and is a good sign I need B12.


My brother once referred to fish feathers because he couldn't think of the word for fins.

When levels are low I have a tendency to give people my mother's telephone number rather than mine ... well it was mine for 35+ years but that was 15 years ago!


I'm a biologist who referred to a big cat on the tv as a tiger when it was clearly a male lion. I hadnt even realised my mistake til I asked the hubby why he was laughing :)


Sitting relaxing in the garden with a coffee and I said to my husband

" Aaah! look at that little blackbird bathing in the fishtank!"


So, do I win the goldfish?

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