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First injection coming up on Wednesday! Also, when self-injecting, do people ever use 'insulin pens'?

Hi all,

I have my first B12 injection coming up this Wednesday! I will give the nhs recommended doses a go to start with but I am preparing myself for the likelihood I will end up self-injecting to get a decent loading level.

I have looked into the posts on how to do it but have not come across anyone using an ‘insulin pen’ to do subcutaneous injections. This seems like it could be a more comfortable way of doing it, is it possible to do or are the needles too thin?

I’m pretty nervous about the idea of doing it myself but as I understand it intramuscular is the best way.

I will see how I feel after Wednesday and try to wait and see if the doctors ‘2 week then few month’ plan works but I am very eager to do this as thoroughly as possible and get on with getting better (the fact I have neuro damage I can’t see how the planned program will be sufficient). I don’t want to do too much and I want to be sensible about it all but I am keen to crack on with seeing how well I respond to a decent level of B12 not just to see if I feel a little better after a little dose.

I will let you all know how I get on!!!

Many thanks

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Good luck with your first B12 injections! Be prepared for it to sting, you can ask the nurse to inject slowly and warm up the B12 ampoule to body temp which all will help to get less of a sting, but many do not have the time to do that it seems. See how you go, it can take some time, hope you will feel some benefit. Sad your GP is not willing to try proper loading doses first, it does not cost that much and so worth a try to see if it would help you!

Anyway, wishing you good luck, can not answer about the pen as I inject5 IM,

Kind regards,



My mother has diabetes and uses and insulin pen but I've never actually looked into it. I think that it isn't used because you need a way of loading the pen - insulin comes in right format but B12 ampoules won't fit so ...

You can do subcutaneous injections rather than intra-muscular - using an insulin needle - but it isn't as efficient as intramuscular.

Personally I've never been shown how to do intramuscular and it involves two sets of needles - a thick one to get the liquid into the syringe and a thin one to deliver it - and I've never really felt like looking in to that.

I had a really bad experience with anti-coagulant injections after an operation so was very nervous about doing injections but can't say it worries me now. Stings a bit but it's only a short time, compared to getting my life back.

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Hi all, so I had my 1st injection this morning. Nothing too bad thank goodness! So, I was first advised by the nurse that they usually do 6 loading injections within 2 weeks. At this I perked up as I was expecting it to be less but sure enough, she looked at my notes and I've been prescribed 10 injections once per week for the next 10 weeks then once every month. I was a little confused as to why I'm not on the higher loading does but I guess I will just go with it for awhile. If once per week is not enough, will I still know that it is doing something for me or will I know not know until I up the amount I'm taking? How long in general does it take for people to start noticing any positive changes?

Many thanks


Hi Qunk,

You are actually getting more than I did and I was severely B12 def! I got one a week for 6 weeks and then 3 once a month to then go onto once every 3 months (2001). I noticed the benefit clearly after 3 months and started to depend on the B12 keeping me well. There are little improvements initially that you do not know I think, plus I felt terribly tired, hot and headachy initially after each B12 jab, so it all depends on the person, and how def they may be, and for how long, or why they are getting B12 injections (yours are for CFS are they not?) and how long it takes for all to be repaired I expect.

I think you are getting reasonable treatment, see how you go, hopefully you will notice a big improvement soon, and then start to know what you may need, but give it time, more months than weeks,

Kind regards,



Thanks all for your replies. Yes Marre, mine is for cfs although I am hoping that this could all be a main cause for it as,as I understand it, b12 def masks itself in many forms. I am also hoping it helps my ears (meniers/Labyrinthitis symptoms)

I have now had 3 injections and have been taking sublingual 5000 mcg (if thats the correct measurement) for a week each day.

I know I should be patient but I'm foolishly putting a LOT of hope into this and I'm starting to get that sinking anxious feeling it may not help. Desperation is a horrible thing! :(

Should I have at least felt anything during this time? I read a lot of people saying they get a rush or burst of energy after injections but I haven't felt a thing which worries me....


Re:"Should I have at least felt anything during this time?", I went back to GP saying this is doing nothing (B12 jabs) are you sure you have this right...but some 3-4 months further I really did feel 100% better, awake, so much more energy etc, so there is hope, its just a matter of time, and that seems to be very different per person. Hope you will feel the benefit soon! Marre.


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