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I Would Like People to Look at My Latest Blog Post

I'm asking you to look at this blog post.

I'm asking you to spread it around.

I don't know whether this consitutes any kind of spamming thing, but I need to put some real life into what we've been through.

What many of us go through.

Thank you.


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Loved the pics - loved the theme - M x


Thank you!

It was a hard one - I sobbed all the way through that.


aaaah ! Take good care and swing by from time to time.... :-)


Will do!


I've signed up - really good - well done Poppet11

I find though that, if I press 'like', I'm taken to register with Wordpress?


Are you really? I honestly don't know. Don't worry about 'liking' it. I've liked other people's stuff but obviously I'm already registered so I didn't realise.

Seems a bit off though. Making people register to like.


Well done, Poppet - that's one heck of a gut-wrenching account! I posted links to your blog in two PA groups on Facebook. People need to realize they're not alone.


I think I came to realise that so much information has been lost, so much stuff ignored, that this isn't about an illness - because for the most part we aren't even recognised as being ill.

This is about modern society and contemporary medicine which has gone very, very wrong.

And it tears our lives up - and nobody cares - because we aren't 'really' ill.

Then we turn into little faceless groups of people hidden in the depths of the net, who appear to the rest of the world to be 'moaning' for no reason.

I think everybody has to realise we were genuine, vibrant people - we are not simply 'patients' who take up a 10 minute slot having a bit of a moan who go back to our mundane little lives until the next time.

And let's not forget this is a global problem. Venezula, Romania, Israel - we are all over the planet and no one is listening. We are little short of invisible.

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