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Does anyone find that colds and viruses totally wipe them out

Don't know when I actually developed PA - probably over the last two- three years - picked up by accident after I had a fall and was hospitalised with a broken ankle 16 months ago. This year I've had two viruses - one at start of year and I think another now and I just feel so wiped out by them and just wonder if others experience the same. Don't remember them being this bad until a couple of years ago.

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How often do you have an injection?

I've been thinking the same. I was getting along sort of OK then everyone had flu/cold recently including myself and I feel wiped out....and not feeling the effect of B12 injection which is worrying.


It's been a little irregular - partly because my GP didn't tell me that I would need them every 3 months but recently it's probably been every 2.5 months - though I really run out of get up and go after 1.5 months. Speaking to a locum who has now gone was the first real sense I got out of anyone medical.

After the last cold - about the time I posted this - I sort of got desperate and just started taking huge amounts of B12 by mouth in the hope that may be some of it would get absorbed - seemed to help if I took it with some fruit juice - I've kept up the high dosage with sublingual spray for a few weeks and got hold of a nasal spray which I tried this morning - live in fear of being told I can't have injections more frequently than I am - was really close last time. Thinking about trying to find a GP in the area who has an interest in B12 deficiency ...

Really finding it very difficult to come to terms with this and understand how it affects me.

Sorry to hear that you are finding problems and not feeling the effect of the B12 - I'm trying to make sure my B9 levels are kept up - eat plenty of green veg so they should be okay - but know that can interfere with uptake ... as can B6 levels ... haven't looked at what sources are for that but nasal spray I was using had a good dose of that and there seems to be a good dose in bran flakes which I often have for breakfast.


Sounds like you need to have a regular injection every month to 1.5 months to stay normal. Your body tells you and we don't all fit with what it says on the bible as we are all individuals and not manufactured robots. Most GPs are not interested in people with B12 deficiency as it doesn't profit the pharmaceutical industry like other costly diseases. If you can't get joy from your GP, try to visit a private one and get diagnosis or correct treatment then you can transfer that to your GP. I know it's costly but just suggesting that could be another route. Otherwise learn to self-inject. I can't survive without having two injections per week so I had to otherwise all kinds of nasty symptoms return like numbness, mean headache, tiredness, pain, confusion etc. Hope you will be able to receive correct amount.


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