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Newly Diagnosed

Hi, I have recently been diagnosed with PA, April 2013 after about 2 years of being worn out!

I have started injections 12 weekly, but have asked to have them every 10 weeks, doctor not that keen, but the nurse that administers them said it would be ok. I would like to take some B12 sublingually, I have a spray, but it's very difficult to hold it under your tongue and not swallow it. Can anyone recommend what sublingual pills I might buy and where please, I am a little wary of the internet. Thank you.

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You could try B12 patches, they seem to work quite well. I must admit that I buy my B12 sublingual tabs and patches on the internet. Mostly I use Amazon. Problem is that non of these are cheap and we should really be treated as required not according to some universal schedule. If you agree with this you might like to sign this petition:


many find 'Jarrows' methylcobalamin sublingual a good sublingual b12 to take. they come in 1000mcg and 5000mcg tablets and are quite affordable price wise. Just do a 'google search' for them and you will find them.


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