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At What B12 Level Should You Be Considered For Treatment

I have been having PA symptoms for over 10 years, In the last 4 weeks I have experienced a rapid increase in tingling and numbness extreme tiredness, blurred vision and dizziness, I have been taking metformin for 6 months for well controlled T2 diabetes. I asked my GP if I could have a problem with my B12 and she found that my last test (2010) was 154. I'm due to be tested in two weeks what is an acceptable reading for a normal person, how low does the reading have to go before I should be considered for treatment?

Hope you can help Toots161

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Why isn't she treating you now? Unless you have a weird lab range you're officially deficient, you have neuro signs and symptoms, and you're on a drug known to interfere with absorption. What more does she want? Hang on, did you say 2010? That's 3 years ago! There's only one way that number's going to have gone, you need treatment ASAP as per BNF guidelines for neuro involvement, a jab every other day until no further improvement. Don't settle for anything less after that appalling oversight on the part of your doctor. Is there an alternative to the metformin? Might find more info on this on the PAS forum.


Many thanks, I felt this was the answer but as it was me that suggested to the GP this might be the problem I agreed to the new test. I have a neurology appointment pending but this could be months off. Its frightening, just finding this site and being able to read others experiences is a great help. Toots161


Hampster1 is so right! Another one with a blind GP, or trained in the ignorance which passes for B12 knowledge in this country. Join the pernicious anaemia society:

Use the helpline where you can get advice and support, read Martyn Hooper's "Pernicious Anaemia: the forgotten illness". Martyn started the PAS, has PA, knows it all.


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