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Can I get approved for disability benefits having behcets disease. diagnosed in 2010, & having excruciating, intolerable Ulers in my mouth , throat, tongue, vaginal area , inflamed ulcers insidfe lower stomach that are size of little balloons!!! hurts when i talk, swallow, eat, drink, try to brush my teeth! My muscles ache , hurt, & feel weak! I have had it where I was walking straight,& starting walking to my left. I also have had dark black out spells! My doctor, gynotologist, & gynotologist specailist seen everything thats going on with my body! I am also on meds for depression,& anxiety. Can someone tell me if I shld persue filing for disability,& what the chances are of getting benefits?

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You can probably get disability but I will warn you that it is a long process. It took me two years but I did get back pay from the date of my original application. I had to apply on my own to get the rejection letter. 99% of people who apply are rejected. For example my dad had lung cancer in the 80's. He was rejected because he found crawl ten feet. Ridiculous huh? Like me and everybody else you get the rejection letter and then the next step hire an attorney that specializes in disability. The first attorney I called, who were supposed to be the best in my city, would not take the case as they said it was a no go. I called another. He took and we won. I heard a segment on NPR that now the waot time tor disability averages four years from the application date. they make it difficult. You still need to apply on your own first. Then start researching disability attorneys so you have one to call when you get your rejection letter. The problem is is having income while you wait the four years. It sucks. I lived in Morocco and broke my ankle. My entire ordeal cost me five dollars. That was for the ER, the X rays, blood work and putting the cast on. The five dollars also included the cost of taking the cast off. If Americans knew how wonderful universal health care truly is we would be rioting in the streets demanding universal a health care. My husband has an autoimmune disease and his medical bills average 500 dollars a moth and he has health insurance thru his employer and it is above average as far as health plans go. Our country is insane. I would apply and brace yourself for the wait. However if you have to work in the meantime that would disqualify you most likely. It is a catch 22. Good luck. Once you get it you will love Medicare and probably will think this country should go to a single payer system. I get better care through Medicare than I ever got through private insurance. It is wonderful.

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Thank you for the advice. =)

My mom passed away almost a year ago from behcet disease and she received disability, will help anyone I can with questions, I dealt with this disease for 20 yrs my email is sconwayjr8@yahoo.con