5 Neurologists labelled me as PD- i smell,I am mentally alert, no dyskenysis,face is expressive,my uptimes am strong-downtimes-weak/tired!

No problems with swallowing, my worse symptom is the dystonia i get after eating(this only started occurring when I was switched to Stalevo, i believe I am allergic to the Comtan, it gave me every awful side effect imaginable.I had to wean myself off the drug, because the neurologist i was seeing, just cut me off; I was suicidal, lost one of my daughters during this time. And now I have very bad dystonia any time I eat anything. I also figured out that taking 2 to 4 Valium relieved my dystonic muscles enough so I wouldn't go mad with pain! Obviously, I had/have a Gastro-intestinal imbalance involved with the vegas nerve and my muscle groups, possibly the ph in my stomach is not acedic as it should be, but is alkaline letting in parasites, bacterial infections, etc. Does anyone else out there have anything that can help?

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  • Please, please go and see your doctor or other health professional. Take care.

  • The doctors are the monsters, sorry, but true.

  • Hi hon, think about a no carb diet, yes the Palaeolithic one everyone is talking about, and consider having regular Bowen work done to help release your body, inside and out. I also agree with Daisy turtle - go see someone - love and light. :)

  • All sounds very familiar morgaine except the dystonia which is not nice at all. I recently read about jaw dystonia in PD. so sorry you get this. are you in NZ?

  • No in Oz. I half my body go into dystonia, agonizing doesn't describe. Getting worse, Sinimet definitely kicks it off. any suggestions would b e appreciated.

  • parkinsons.org.uk/PDF/FS43_...

    I havent sorry, but was just looking at this above.

    My friend with it had to adjust her meds to smaller and more frequent. Also amantidine helps some people. All the best

  • sounds like your medication is wroong,perhaps i use a combo of ropinerole,ldopa,cabersal and the dbs which enables me to function for a good 50-60 of the day

  • Honey 4 All - H Pylori Symptoms and Treatment with Honey

    Hi there I read your report with interest and I have read that it is possible that PD is caused by stomach and gut imbalance I also read that Active Manuki Honey +20 can be very effective at ridding the stomach of the harmful Bacteria which may be responsible. I sent you a link for interest but there is lots written about it have a look.

    I do wish you all the best from the UK

  • can you please send me the link about Active Manuki Honey +20 for PD. jennyjeba@hotmail.com

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