Healing Parkinson's Naturally

Hi. I just joined the group. I am from Canada. Have had PD symptoms for almost ten years. I do not take any meds. I am on a journey to heal this naturally through diet (ketogenic diet), exercise (walking & martial arts), lifestyle (living in the present moment) and Body Stress Relief. Is anyone else doing this naturally and if so, what is your experience?

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  • I am interested in your therapy. Can you tell me more? New Zealand PD for 2 years

  • Hi Fredphillips,

    I am in USA have had PD symptoms for six years and never took meds. Have been following your natural program totally. Recently added coconut oil and wheatgrass to my regiment. Feeling improved but still have a long way to go. Wishing you and everyone good health and happiness.

  • PD is such a complex disease I am unaware of any cure in any form but you may slow it down and provide relief,exercise particularly if enhanced by multitasking is the only proven so far.Avoid Stress as it exacerbates PD.Exercise your body and mind,eat healthy,avoid stress.Be pragmatic if it works use if not try something else.

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