Diagnosed at 49

Diagnosed at 49

Hi to you all :-)

I`m 49 and I was diagnosed with parkinsons last October. Once I`d got over the initial shock I decided "to hell with it parkinsons will NOT RULE MY LIFE!!" I`m gonna face it with a smile on my face.....laughter is the best medicine! :-D I`m just getting on with my life as though there is nothing wrong for as long as it is possible to do so. How dare PD Invade my life!!

I was put on Ropinirole and I am currently on 6mg a day, the only down side being the feeling of nausea and the heartburn i get to the point where i stop taking my medication...does anyone else feel the same way?

My friends and work colleagues were very supportive when I told them I had PD, I`ve told them not to feel sorry for me.....no negativity please! lol :-)

So anyway....life goes on as normal :-)

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  • Yes, life does go on. I, too, am a newbie. Thanks, I needed this!

  • Hi

    It`s my resolution for 2012.....live life to the full and have a good laugh :-)


  • Hi, the side effects of the meds does eventually pass, but some tablets work bettter for me if I eat bread or banana with them, weird or what!

  • Thanks I`ll try that...I love bananas!

  • Good to see your positive thoughts Andy I guess when you get to the top of the mountain you have just got to keep on climbing! Out of the mist...Tony

  • Hi Tony

    I see you live in Chipping Norton, it`s a small world as I lived there for about 12 months until March 2010. I lived on Trinity Square on the old Paker Knoll site and I worked at Kraft Foods in Banbury. I lived with a lovely woman who i met on a dating website, she works at Penhurst, we still keep in touch on Facebook and the odd txt. I loved my time down there, its a lovely part of the world


  • Andy a smalll world indeed. I never really got on with Repinerole got swollen ankles and nausea. Where do u live now.R u still working? Tony

  • Hello Tony, I moved back to my hometown of Sheffield after we split up. I work as a support worker working with adults with learning disabilities, only part time at moment but I`m hopeful it will become full time in the near future, main thing is I really enjoy it.

    I`ll be honest I hate taking Ropinirole because of the nausea and vomiting, I`d rather put up with my tremor than feel sick all the time.

    R u working btw?


  • I'm amazed to how so many of you carry on with your life - still working and living life as before. I mean, I just don't feel like doing anything. Tired all the time and balance is bad. Hard to get out of bed in the morning. Just want to sit or nap all day. NOT GOOD!

  • crystal ginger (that you buy in health food store) but any kind of ginger really works for nausea. I'm on sinemet and my problem is water retention throughout the day .

  • Hi Andy, happy New Year :) . I was diagnosed 2 years ago age 48 then, and I totally agree with and share your mindset . keep positive , best wishes for 2012 to everyone who reads this

  • Hi Hamish

    Thanx for ur message and a happy new year to u too :-) I`m new to this site and I find it very helpful and informative. Its like being part of a worldwide community that only people with PD are allowed into...very exclusive! lol

    Anyway I`m on facebook under Andy Clegg ( I live in Sheffield) if u wanna look me up. I`ve invited people off this site to be FB friends and so far I`ve got 4 new friends so thats good



  • Hi Andy, I love your attitude. Positive thinking and action are key to living with this disease. We all have our moments when we turn into Negative Nellies but after ten years of dealing with this disease I try to keep negativity at a minimum.Have a wonderful New Year Andy. Look for my FB friend request.

    "Happiness is an attitude. We either make ourselves miserable, or happy and strong. The amount of work is the same". ~Francesca Reigler


  • Hi and thanks for your message. Yes how dare PD invade our lives! at the moment mine is just a tremor in my right hand, doctor says it could remain that way for 10 years or so. Anyway I look forward to seeing you on FB

    Andy x

  • my pd started in my rt toe always ahaking then rt hand that was 2000 and still not too bad my consultant says im lucky as I have a very slow form of pd maggy

  • Mine started as a twitch in my right thumb in about april last year then started in my right hand and because of my tremor my hand and especially my thumb feel fatigued all the time, I guess that could be because I`m concious of the tremor and am constantly trying to stop it and the feeling of fatigue also spreads up my forearm too

  • I too used to hold my right arm and even sit on it but now I dont bother and forget it shakes at all

  • Yeah i find if i dont think about it i dont notice the tremor as much or it seems to stop altogether. Oh and by the way nice to see your pic on here :-)

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