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Straight to the point

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(a) Diag PD 6 years ago

(b) Wife left our Marriage of 50 Years 3 years ago.

(c) Moved town (stranded) drivers licence

Cancelled after minor accident.

(d) Arrive "rock bottom" depressed.

Aged 77 next week with a mobility major

In Parkinsons I use large fast Scooters for shopping etc.

As a long distance Cyclist in my 60s I sorely missed that activity due to balance Problems.

Eureka moment! Discovered Recumbent Tricycles about 18 months ago.

Now an essential part of my life, starting to think "long distance trip"

Parkinsons will have to wait!


A few years ago I was "Parkylosses" and the author of "Doublewhammy"

To those of you who wished me well "Thank you"

I have learnt that "Life happens while you are doing something else"

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Good for you!

Yikes! Yow.

I'm impressed.

Hi barula21, I thought that maybe "Doublewhammy" was a book you published. But a search on quickly disabused me of that idea. It turned out then to be a post:

Reading this, I was uplifted by the atmosphere of warmth and support. Glad to learn that you are beating back the "adversary" with your new-found mobility.

I have PD now for 3 years. I already drove a recumbent trike before my PD. I drove a delta trike sinner comfort till last year. Due to the comfort i drive now a HP Scorpion 26fs plus.

Last month i drove 103km on 1 day. For PD the recumbent is the best bicycle to keep moving. my girlfriend and my son drive a recumbent trike to. Greetings from Belgium.

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barula21 in reply to trikelover

Hi from Australia

My Trike is a Greenspeed Magnum.

As a two wheel rider 90 cadence was normal and I believe helpful to Those with PD. Take up of such wonderful machines seem slow however

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trikelover in reply to barula21

our speed is around 20 to 25km.

Troubles aside, that is a beautiful way of life!

It is not all bad :-)

Get your motor running.

Head out on the highway.

Steppenwolf 1967

Groovy man MH-1

I am still riding my two wheeler upright bike but this gives me hope that I will be able to keep riding for a long time as I can go to the recumbent trike or even regular bike trike. The main thing that bothers me as time goes on about riding is cars. I trust people less and less as I know somebody could wipe me out if they're not paying attention, texting or such. I am very careful.

barula21 Sorry to hear of all the troubles you’ve been through! I can see, it’s been very difficult for you. I am in my 70’s too and I have been diagnosed with PD. I’m glad that you have managed to cope and not not let PD get the best of you. That, in itself, is quite an accomplishment! Wishing you the very best!

Can we get some recommendations on what to look for when purchasing a recumbent trike,

features worth , lookout for etc.

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