New Support Group in Glasgow

New Support  Group in Glasgow


A new Young on set Support Group has started up in Glasgow next meeting is on the 8th May @ 7pm in Durys hotel .

All welcome.

On sunday i done the Walk for DP as part of the PD awairness week, there were 2 walks , 5 miles and 1 mile, well i managed the 1 mile

i here Jill is wanting to Party , so lets do it



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  • Hallo to our Scottish brothers and sisters! Welcome to PWP's blogathon...We hope you'll all visit here and help all of us who deal with Parkinson's Disease. My best friend is an Aberdonian (sp?) and since I've been ill I've not been to Scotland...and her husband is ill (diabetic) so we stay in touch with email and Skype. I love that you guys are on board (tho you may not care that much for the idea! Let us hear from you!



  • Hi,

    How do you want us to help?

    any think we i can do i will


    Parkie Al

  • hi al - not seen you around for a while - glad you are still in there , fighting - and well done for the mile !! xx

  • you are looking great by the way xx

  • Hi alan .

    Thanks for getting the word out there. well done on sunday, the next meeting is thursday May 9th. at the Jurys Inn, Glasgow. be there 6.45pm for 7pm start,



  • lookin very good :)

  • Well done Glasgow young onsetters!! Looks like good fun xx

  • From the YOPs group in Cornwall to the YOPs group in Glasgow I wish you all the best. Meeting like-minded people with more than Parkinson's in common can be a life saver.

    It may start slowly but keep going. Many people with Parkinson's bury their head in the sand for many years after diagnosis but you can be there and make a difference when they take a look around.

    All the best!


  • Thanks Sue,

    its just started so watch this space

    FYI ,

    when i was young we use to holiday in Cornwall every year down at Pra Sands


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