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Is it necessary to take meds during the night?

I was diagnosed in 2000, aged 64. I count myself lucky that P seems to be slow developing and I can still drive.

I take my meds(Stalevo) at 5 spaced intervals during the day. First around 8am (with 1 Requip XL), the last at any time between 9pm and midnight. I retire at around 1am to 1.30, having dozed through various TV programmes.

I usually have to visit the bathroom during the night but, here's the thing, I don't need to take any medication during the night.

When I fully wake up around 7.45 I don't have the rigidity or slowness of movement which I get during the day when my meds are fading. Before the first meds have taken effect I am able to sort out my meds for the day, put them in a little pillbox; I can walk down the stairs and greet the dog; I hold my cup of apple tea without tremor; I can hold a pen and do a crossword or Sudoku or other puzzles. But after the first Meds begin to wear off at around 10.30 I can become almost comatose until the next lot kicks in. I've even got into the shower feeling OK then been almost unable to dry myself afterwards.

I would be interested in hearing about other people's experiences. I note that some people refer to taking meds during the night. Is it necessary?


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I also take Stalevo at 4 spaced intervals and 1 Carb/Levo, 10am; 2pm; 6pm; 10pm; and anytime between 2 & 6 am...usually about 4am.

If I don't take my 2-6am pill, Carb/Levo, I can feel the difference the next day. If I don’t take it for several days I tend to by “off” more than I am “on”.


I also take Stalevo at 4 spaced intervals and Requip XL once daily. When I wake in the night my old friend the tremor is back. I have never been told to take PD meds during the night, but I often take a very low dose of diazepan. My Consultant is aware of this.


I, like you, feel very well when I awaken in the morning. Move well, etc. However, if I don't take my meds (tried it) I get progressively worse throughout the day. I read somewhere (?) about your brains ability to produce dopamine during the night when you are at rest. I asked my PD doc at my last appointment if this was true and he said it was for some. I take carb/levo 4 x day (8 am, 12 pm, 4 pm, 8 pm).


Interesting, it sounds as though Dopamine is being stored overnight to be used on waking. Perhaps that also accounts for the fact that, if I take on too much physical activity, during the day, then I feel worse at "down" times. Using up the dopamine too quickly?

Thanks to all of you for your replies.


I have to take half a C/L around bedtime because it aids digestion, but I too am fine in the morning. Take thyroid, wait an hour to eat breakfast, then take first C/L whether I need it or not, but it's all downhill after that.


I take C/L three times a day (2 pills) after meals. It varies if I don't remember. I'm seeing my neurologist at the end of the month. Maybe I should be taking more and on a different time table I don't really notice that it has any effect.


I take madlopar cr at night only, recommended by my consultant, but cannot tolllerate it during the day, it helps if i wake up & need the loo, also very agile in the morning too, if i dont then im stiff and joints are painful.


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